I love to travel.  From the first time I got on an airplane on the way to my first cruise I was hooked.  Whenever I was traveling, with friends or family, I was the one doing the planning.  After a few years on another career path I decided why not work in the travel industry, that was 15 years ago!!


Over the years I have worked for a couple of terrific agencies and have learned a great deal about the industry.  The travel industry is always growing and changing so education is key.  Education comes from industry programs, personal travel and feedback from all of my guests!!  Knowledge is power!  2013 brought me to the decision to start my own business, creating Tammy Hermanson Travel, LLC.  My focus is on leisure vacation travel specializing in warm weather destinations.  I do enjoying putting together itineraries for travel to Europeas well, whether it be a tour, river cruise or completely independent, options are endless.


For my past guests I offer a huge thank you for your business and I hope to continue working together; and to future guests, give me a call and let's see if we can work together to make your travel dreams come alive.